EYOU 1.5″ High 6 Digits Interval Clock For Home Gym. (Red+Green) – Gym Workout Clock

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Product Details:

Digits height: 1.5in(38.1mm).
Overall Size: 11" x 4.3" x 1.8". 
Power bank: supported.20000MA power bank working more than 24 hours. 
Function 1-Clock Mode: 12Hours-[H1 HH:MM], 24Hours-[H2 hh:MM]. 
Function 2-CountUP Mode: [UP MM:SS]. from[UP 00:00] to [UP 99:59]. 
Function 3-CountDown Mode: [dn MM:SS]. from [dn 99:59] to [dn 00:00].
Function 4-StopWatch Mode: [MM SS:MS]. from [00 00:00] to [99 59:99].
Function 5-Intervals custom Mode: [F1 MM:SS & C1 MM:SS], F = Work Period, C = Reset Period. 
      At the same time supports 10 personal Custom training time, P0-P9. 
Function 6-Intervals Preset Mode: have 3 groups, F1,F2,F3. F1 = [F=1MINS,C=30SECOND,8Rounds], 
     F2 = EMOM mode [99 rounds, each round 1 mins], F3 = [F=20SECOND,C=10SECOND,8Rounds]. 
Preparation time: 10seconds, you can enable or disable it.
Sound: you can enable or disable it.
Brightness: 10 levels, adjust by IR Remote control. 
The IR remote control distance is 6-10m(20-33ft).
Clock Accuracy:2Mins/Year.

Intervals counter functions(including BOXING,TABATA, EMOM, MMA…).
Stopwatch Mode:[MM SS:MS].
Clock Mode: 12Hours-[H1 HH:MM], 24Hours-[H2 hh:MM].
CountUP Mode: [UP MM:SS].
CountDown Mode: [dn MM:SS].

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