brightmaison Wall Mounted Adjustable Durable Steel Clothes Rack Drying and Hanging Closet Bar Rail Organizer (White) – A Clothes Rack

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AFFORDABLE WALK-IN CLOSET: Choosing and buying the perfect closet storage can be frustrating, but with these clothes bar organizing is a lot easier.
The minimalist design is simple yet chic, it hangs perfectly from the wall giving your clothes breathing room and you the opportunity to choose what you want to wear at a glance.
PICTURE PERFECT STORAGE: You can create the ultimate space to organize, decorate or hang your clothes to dry.
Give yourself and other members of the family the versatility they need to make their lives easier and getting ready no longer a hassle.
Create a DIY storage solution and the best part is, you can visualize and work to make your project come alive because these wall mounted rails can be utilized in multiple ways.
DORM ORGANIZATION MADE EASY: When you have limited space to hang or organize your clothes, these hanging bars are the perfect solution.You can save up on floor space and be able to create a tidy closet without the bulky wardrobe solutions.
As a college student having the versatility to easily choose what you can wear for the day will be one less stress factor to help you get through your education with ease.
College is already expensive and creating the perfect space with tranquility does not have to be, so this affordable solution is the perfect option.

COLOR: White
DIMENSIONS: Min width 18” and can be adjusted up to 30 ¼” Depth: 10 ¼” Height: 6” Max Load: 30 LBS.
PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Clothes Bar, Mounting Screws and Zinc Anchors, Installation Manual

Shop with Brightmaisonto dress up your walls, organize your home and save a little more buck on your favorites…
EASY TO INSTALL – Each clothes bar provides about 30 inches of storage space and it is easy to affix on the wall. For a solid construction please use mounting hardware suitable for your wall material.
TIDY AND TRANSFORMED – Give your space the necessary update to get rid of clutter, so finding what to wear is no longer a hassle.
MULTI-USE FUNCTIONALITY – Each rail can either be utilized L-shaped or U-shaped depending on your needs. You can hang your clothes to dry or your coats in a separate space.
DIY CLOSET ORGANIZATION – These rustic and sturdy rails will provide you the flexibility to create multiple clothes hanging space anywhere you need it.
GREAT ADDITION TO LAUNDRY ROOM – Mount these on the wall near your washing machine to easily hang clothes that do not go into the dryer. Your clothes will last longer, and your laundry time will be shorter.

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